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Monday, April 2, 2012

Elizabeth-Teen Photography-Freshman year at Stetson University

I finally was able to go to Stetson University to visit my niece. She is currently a freshman there studying medicine and a minor in music. I took the trip with my mom. We enjoyed our travel time talking and catching up. I usually have my kids with me so it was nice to just have adult time. I had never been past Orlando on I-4 and did not realize that Deland was so close to the other coast. My niece is only 30 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

I always enjoy my visits to college campuses as I get into the landscaping and architecture. The campus was easy to walk around and not overly big. After a tour of her dorm we went into downtown Deland to eat at one of Elizabeth's favorite restaurants. My favorite part was the moist chocolate cake we shared. We walked around to a few shops and took some great pictures.

Did I mention I was Elizabeth's own personal paparazzi? She was all ready for spring in her new outfit. We then traveled to Walmart where my niece scored on a great bathing suit and coverup for the summer. We finished up the day with a more extensive tour of her campus and of course dinner at Chick-Fil-A. On the drive to dinner Elizabeth drove as I snapped pictures out the window. They were having a musical festival downtown to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and I happened to capture a gentleman in a kilt!!

It was a fabulous day. The best part was how proud I was of my niece. While many college students party, drink, and much more, she is focused and living by her morals. She is growing, maturing, and becoming an independent adult. I am very proud of you, E!!! I can't wait to visit her again. Of course I have a few itineraries planned out. A trip to the Atlantic Ocean and Blue Spring State Park are on the agenda. xoxo


  1. These were fantastic and you captured the spirit of the campus... glad you liked it and had a good time.... loved the pics! thanks

  2. Loved all of pictures - felt like I was right there on campus with Elizabeth.

  3. Those were some amazing pictures! Glad you enjoyed your time and I look forward to visiting the campus myself. Hopefully I'll be able to do that in December and have Elizabeth give me a tour.

  4. These are all amazing! You're such a talented photographer!

  5. WOW! Even though I was there, these pictures are awesome. I find it have to choose which one I like best so can't imagine how you narrowed it down to these. It was a special day for me to be with daughter & grand-daughter on a beautiful day on a historic campus. Jennifer, the sentiments you wrote about your niece made me cry. It was very moving and I could see you enjoyed every minute that day. Elizabeth was a real trooper with the hundreds of pictures taken, but then we know that is her way. I was Blessed by the day.
    Love you both,

    1. Mom, it was a special day I will never forget. Now it is my turn to cry!! I love you very much. You and dad had a big hand in raising E. She is one heck of a young woman. I am so excited to see what God has in store for her.

      I so enjoy pictures because it freezes a special memory in time. I am glad that we went together, had a great visit, and captured just a small part of her freshman year! xoxo

    2. P.S. So proud that you figured out how to leave a comment on my blog!