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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Senior Photography Trinity FL | Gulf Harbors

Dale was one of my former 6th grade students. He was one of the few that got my sense of humor. He is an old soul. He was always willing to help me when I couldn't figure out something electronic in the classroom.  Which was often! I love his dry witty humor and his enormous heart.  He graduated a year early and is looking into technical school for January. I know he will be a success at whatever he does.  One of the many things I appreciate about this young man is his love and respect of his parents. Many students shy away from affection and attention from mom and dad. Not this young man. He also knows how to talk and communicate well with adults.  

One of my favorite memories of him from class was when he asked to borrow one of my books from class during the Christmas break. I told him of course but to take really good care of my book. The first day back from the break he walked up to my desk, pulled out the book entirely wrapped in bubble wrap, and set it on my desk. I laughed so hard. Love this young man and his wonderful family. 

Thank you, Dale, for being so awesome and allowing me the honor of taking your senior pictures.  Please always keep in touch with me. Love you! Mrs. Crouch 

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Male Senior Mini Session | Cunningham Park Trinity FL

Cole is a J. W. Mitchell 2023 graduate. His plans include college to follow in mom's footsteps in social work. He is easy to talk with and bright. Not to mention a great smile!! Congrats!

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Family Photography | Tarpon Springs, FL

There is no place like home! Especially for family photos! This mom saw a perfect opportunity to get updated family photos when her son came in from California with his fiance.  It was a special moment for her to have all of her babies home! 

We had a good time creating fun shots around their beautiful home in Tarpon Springs. Her mother's heart was full!