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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Painting With a Twist teams up with Jennifer Crouch Photography & Sugardarlings-Part 2

The most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted are located at Sugardarlings Cones & Cupcakes. Sugardarlings and Jennifer Crouch Photography have teamed up to make your experience at Trinity Painting with a Twist even more sweet!

Keep reading to learn more about Sugardarling.

Where are you located?

8511 Old CR 54 

New Port Richey 
727-376-CAKE (2253)

4966 Ridgemoor Blvd 

Palm Harbor

What is your favorite cupcake?

I love lemon, but the Hostess is like heaven in my mouth !!

How did Sugardarlings come about?

Jessica Beebe, owner and baker at Sugardarlings Cones and Cupcakes, has been serving up the sweet stuff since February of 2010. She initially opened with the idea of an affordable neighborhood ice cream shop that caters to the budget of the average family. The cupcakes were intended to be a side item, or an alternative to ice cream. But luck was on her side when she chose to open her shop the week of Valentine’s Day. Jess sold over 300 cupcakes her first week in business - baking them in a toaster oven!

With such overwhelming demand for her cupcakes, Jess upgraded to a baking oven and now offers between 15-20 different varieties of cupcakes every day, baking fresh ones throughout the day just to keep up with demand. 

Sugardarlings Award Winning Peanut Butter Smores was just recently honored The Best Cupcake in St.Pete, locally Sugardarlings was voted Best Desert, Best Kept Secret and Best Bakery in the Suncoast. That is what we call SWEET SUCCESS !! 

What is your secret formula to make your cupcakes so delicious? 

HaHa!! Lot's Of Love !!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Painting With a Twist teams up with Jennifer Crouch Photography & Sugardarlings-Part 1

I am pleased to announce that Painting with a Twist Trinity will now offer Jennifer Crouch Photography services and Sugardarlings. While you and your guests are having a blast painting let Jennifer Crouch capture the fun. When it is time to take a snack break from painting, enjoy the best cupcakes in town from Sugardarlings. These services are in addition to the cost of painting. An information sheet will be emailed to you once you book your session with PWAT.

I have already been on two field trips to PWAT and can't begin to tell you how many times I have enjoyed a cupcake from Sugardarlings. I cannot think of a better combination of fun!

Keep reading to find out more about PWAT. Check back next week for Part 2-Sugardarlings.

 Let me introduce you to the staff of Painting with a Twist Trinity.

Sharon Reis- Owner/Instructor
"I Dream to Paint, then Paint my Dream."
When I see the smile and sense of accomplishment on a persons face that said they can't paint
two hours earlier now proclaim,
"WOW, I DID THAT, AND ITS GOOD" ... I smile and know that I am living my dream.

Michelle Beres- Owner/Instructor
This is my passion and fulfills my soul. I lose track of time when I am at the studio! How does
it get any better than this?

Jennifer Houston/Instructor
 Mural artist, turned stay at home mother of four small boys, has found her creative outlet at Painting with a Twist, Trinity. Where she trades in her house apron for a painting apron to share her love for art with others...."Painting with a Twist is a magical place where all of your stress is left at the door...where fun and creativity await...It's such a happy place!"

Jennifer strongly encourages singing and dancing during her class (there is a karaoke machine for the brave ones)...She loves to give out stickers to her prize students too.

Thomas Atkinson-Instructor
My Name is Thomas, aka “Party Boy” aka “Tommy Boy” aka “Anything But Thomas” Atkinson. In my free time I crash weddings, wrestle alligators, and “get silly on the dance floor.” I am a high school art teacher during the day but on nights and weekends I transform into “Party Boy” and save the world one painting at a time with my PWAT Trinity Family.  At PWAT Trinity, we all posses both a passion for art and the unique gift of being able to share that passion with all of our “Twisters.” I wouldn’t trade this job for anything!!!

Eve Garden-Instructor
 Ironically my name is Eve GARDEN. I do not own any pet snakes, however, I do enjoy a good Macintosh Apple. I absoluteley live and die for art. I enjoy creating, collecting and teaching art. Working at PWAT is a dream come true for me... Where else can you do cart wheels at work and not get sacked? ;) Trinity PWAT has and continues to be like a family to me and I am honored to be a part of thier team!! 

What is the Twist in PWAT?

Our customers are able to bring their favorite beverage of choice to Painting with a “Twist”. Itʼs a BYOB option for
those that may like to bring a bottle of wine with them to enjoy while they paint!
Sharon: I like to tell our customers about half way through a class:
"You are all doing such a great job ...and you do know that the TWIST of Painting With a Twist is that you go home
with the painting to your right! You should see their faces, Hahaha ... just kidding!

What is your favorite painting?

My favorite painting is Moonlit Cherry Blossoms, no, itʼs In the Forest, no wait, itʼs one I havenʼt done yet!
Sharon: There is really no such thing as a favorite. Artists bond with every painting they bring to life... YOU will see!

What advice do you give to first time painters?

The experience is FUN art, not fine art. Relax, enjoy, sip and repeat.
Sharon: I LOVE when people come in and say "I can't paint, I can't even draw a stick figure" Our response,
"FANTASTIC, you'll do GREAT because were not drawing stick figures!" EVERYONE is an Artist, YES EVERYONE.

Who would book a party at PWAT?

Anyone! We host every kind of party you can imagine, from Kids Birthday Parties to Red Hat Parties and anything in
between. If there is an occasion to celebrate, we ʻd love to host it!
Sharon ANYONE, Men, women, boys & girls from 7 to 107 years old, you WILL have FUN.