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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treating in Longleaf

My kids have never liked to sit on Santa's lap, the Easter bunny, or even the characters in costume at Disney. I remember when they were very young and I had the idea we would hand out candy on Halloween at my parent's house. The first group of children in costume sent my kids running and hiding. Over the years Kayla would go to trunk or treats or both kids would attend fall festivals at our church. This year Kayla talked her brother into going out with her to trick or treat. She put both costumes together 30 minutes before we left for Longleaf. Jacob lasted about 45 minutes until the complaints of sore feet started. Kayla of course wanted to hit every house to score on candy. We stopped at Havana Dreamers Cafe on Town Ave. for a snack and drink before heading home. I love that neighborhood as everyone has a front porch and is sitting outside to greet the kids. It was a great evening.

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